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Dec 23, 2012 11:15pm EST
for the redskins, beat dallas next week, but if the skins lose next week, they will need the bears and the vikings to lose next week. cowboys face elimination because of what drew brees and the saints did today in dallas. 21 seconds left cowboys down 7 facing a 4th and 10, tony romo to miles austin sitting in the end zone. it's a 19-yard touchdown and ties the game. we go into overtime 31-31. saints driving drew brees completes to marques colston but he gets stripped and it's a mad dash to the bouncing football. jimmy graham recovers at the 2- yard line. the next play sets up garrett hartley, chip shot from 28-yard out, saint over the cowboys. dallas 8-7 need to defeat the skins next week to have any shot at post season. >>> john harbaugh and the ravens with a fourth chance to clinch the afc north hosting the giants. 1st quarter ravens up 7-0, joe flacco, a perfect pass up the right side to torrey smith. the former terp holds it down at the 1, a 43-yard gain, sets up a flacco 1 yard run. 2nd quarter 17-7, flacco hits ray rice over the middle. the ravens rack up 533 yards and crush the giants 33-1
Dec 30, 2012 11:15pm EST
a viking loss. well, how do you beat the vikings? stop peterson. not easy to do. another big gainer and huge game. 199yards. 2,009yards for the season. came up nine shy of that huge mark set by eric dirker son. walsh, the rookie, sneaking it in on the next play from 29 yards out. vikings win 37-34. so they're in the playoffs. they will take on green bay in the first round of the playoffs next saturday, 8:00 at lambeau field. the redskins knew they had to win and now they are still winning. >>> when we come back, the ravens try to improve their playoff position in the afc. we'll keep a watchful eye as the clock ticks away at fed ex field. stick around. we'll be back in a moment.  >>> welcome back to fed ex field. i'm scott smith. on a day where morris has shattered the franchise rushing record for a season, he just rushed for his 200th yard on a 1 yard run. his second rushing touchdown of the game. the redskins hold a two score margin on the cowboys, with just about a minute to play. looking to clinch that playoff spot, where they might can host the se
Dec 30, 2012 11:30pm EST
paid off for them. >> okay, coach, let's look ahead to the packers and the vikings. who do you like in that game in green bay? >> well, i like green bay, but for really one reason, and that's putting pressure on christian ponder. adrian peterson's going to be great. he's going to make yards. and also, we know that aaron rodgers is going to put up points and have big numbers. but christian ponder has to come up big. he's got to do it on the road. and the last time they were in green bay, he threw a couple big interceptions that turned the game around. he's going to have to play well under the playoff pressure. i think you have to like aaron rodgers and the packers in that game. >> all right, on to the afc. the broncos have home field. the patriots also have a bye. surging cincinnati travels to houston in the early game on saturday with coverage beginning at 4:00 eastern here on nbc. the colts will head to baltimore to face the ravens on sunday at 1:00 eastern time on cbs. so, tony, what's your overview of the afc? >> well, it really is setting up for a new england/denver championship
Dec 31, 2012 4:00am PST
quarter. the vikings up ten. the vikings near field goal range. he needs 35 yards to get the record. he was just 26 yards. not enough time for another snap. he finished eight yards shy of the record. but the vikings in field goal range. blair walsh for the win. and the vikings win it, 37-34, they're headed to the playoffs. they snap the five-game losing streak to the packers. >>> what about the battle for the nfc east? the redskins and cow boys. the skins trying to get in the playoffs for the first time since 2007. 200 yards rushing for albert morris. robert griffin iii, fakes handoff, keeps it himself. skins take the 14-7 lead. in the fourth, cowboys driving, down three. tony romo, picked off by rob jackson. redskins win it, 28-18, to win the nfc east and clinch a berth. i'm cassidy hubbarth with your "sportscenter" update. have great day. >>> another win? the big story of the day, the return to the sidelines of chuck pagano. he's back after fighting leukemia back into remission. >> his locker room celebration. he couldn't help being emotional, saying simply, what a day. >> thank you a
Dec 23, 2012 11:30pm EST
will be on fox. highlighted by the packers at vikings at 4:25 eastern, a game with playoff implications for both teams. you are taking a look here at the afc playoff picture. we got ourselves a little bit out of sync here but tony dungy will set us straight. the afc circumstances now, how do you see it? >> well, really some big, big games in the afc and it really starts at the top. houston, number one seed, but they have got to go to indianapolis, bob, a place where they have never won. if they don't win, you've got the opportunity for denver and also for new england to pass them. so huge, huge games at the top of the afc race and, you know, it's really makes for a big week 17. >> packers/vikings is a game in the nfc has playoff implications. what are your thoughts on that? >> yes. that becomes a huge game also with the win tonight by seattle, that has vaulted the packers over the top of -- over top of san francisco and they have got to win this game against minnesota to keep that position. and minnesota had a chance in that first game. we saw an interception by christian ponder. that really tur
Dec 30, 2012 6:30pm PST
, the vikings respond on the blair wa alsh field goal. time expired. the vikings take it. >>> so here is the nfc may off picture. the 49ers will be the number 2 seed and will get a first round bye with atlanta. one wild card game is set. green bay, hosting minnesota. the other match up is determined by what happens in the night game between washington and dallas. the winner gets the nfc east and will host seattle. all right, raiders business, finally, the wait was over for raider quarterback, prior. prior, first nfl start today at san san. 2nd quarter. 10-0 chargers. how about the first career touchdown pass to bay. a 9-yard strike makes it 10-7. 3rd quarter, rivers, alexander, 44 yard strike. chargers increase the lead. raiders were not done. prior, on a naked bootleg gets in 3 yards out and it is 24-14. a 10-yard, 10-point game. then, after a blocked punt, he struck again. moore, for a touchdown. now, the 3-point game with 2 minutes left. oakland had no timeouts left. they needed the kick. but, san diego could recover and would run out the clock and win it by 24-21. >> you guys really did not
Dec 30, 2012 9:00pm CST
to get it...huge play tne bears wins in 26-24...then taking the flight home while the vikings were playing the packers. a win by adrian peterson and minnesota would eliminate the bears...the game tied at 34-all in the final seconds when peterson gets free and takes the ball well withing field goal range... peterson just 9 yards short of the all time rushing record... he set up blair walsh for the game winner and he drills it home...the vikings win 37-34 and they make the post season while the bears go home. for the second straight year the bears burnout in the secomnd half..they were 7 and 1 and still failed to make it....we'll have much more coming up on instant replay at 940. >> with only one day left for lawmakers in washington to prevent fiscal changes that would impact just about every american. the two sides remain far apart and continue to blame each other >> live in our newsroom with the latest developments >> the sunday senate session started with a prayer to save the nation from its self- inflicted wounds. it ended tonight with no deal and no vote taken. the senate majo
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
. but they need help. they need the giants, bears and vikings to lose. it's a lot, but it's possible. if this happens, the skins could be playing for the nfc east title against dallas to close out the season. several redskins played santa claus today at fedex field. they handed out over 1,000 toys to very deserving kids, helping spread the holiday cheer. >> i had many individuals step up and provide for me that didn't have to. i never had this platform and the celebrity of the redskins, it's great to come out and do the same for young people, too. >> christmas came early for the washington mystics. they announced their new hoed coach and general -- new head coach and general manager. he spent ten successful years with the connecticut sun and is a two-time coach of the year. he comes in with a lot of optimism and says it's not time to give up on this franchise just yet. >> off the fans that jumped off the bandwagon, it's big enough to get back on. we'll take all comers to get back on. we have a lot to prove and we know that. >> finally tonight, we need your help in picking the best sp
Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm EST
-18. a two-minute warning, we will all the highlights in just few minutes. the vikings costing the packers hosting the packers. tis the game at 34. holdup -- looked at him go. 24 seconds. peterson and finished 9 yards of his rushing record. is the whole 9 yards. minnesota, 37-34. bears are on the road against the lions. over the middle. the lions are down, up 3.5 minutes to go. cutler scrambles for a first yard. the bears win 26-24, but failed to make the playoffs. with a lot of help from michael 49btree, the san francisco years -- 49ers with another crown. second quarter, up 6-0 trailing. there you go. they take a 7-6 lead. why not repeat it? crabtree had again. 27-francisco goes on to win 13. 14-3 broncos. he has changed that town and the team. thomas makes a great one-handed catch. that is a play of the day. for his first game back since diagnosed with leukemia, was papain a in a map -- it emotional day. he missed the entire season due to illness. the third quarter, look at him go. no one is around him. 101 yards. colts win. >> what a day. what a day. said, your- like i thoughts, prayer
Dec 24, 2012 8:00pm PST
do - and hope for the vikings to beat green bay. >> we did not do really a enough good things. and one thing that we can do after a battle, when, loses reorganized, refect and for group. reorganize, re-fit and regroup.three "r's" seriously that press conference was tough to listen to - one radio host compared it a root canal - truth is when harbaugh doesn't want to give you anything - he doesn't. on to some injury news - vernon davis 90 consecutive start streak is in jeopardy after a sustaining a concussion on this viscious hit. the season is also over for carson palmer the raiders quarterback suffered multiple cracked ribs and a bruised lung on this hit in the raiders loss to the panthers yesterday this incredible injury was a torn a c l. the season is over for the 49ers third leading receiver and also carson palmer arwith this raiders lost to the panthers yesterday it is painful to watch know that leashad some incredible injuries with broken ribs. who is going to replace? terrell prior. coach? >> we are not really ready to make that decision but our plan is to work both of t
Dec 6, 2012 3:30am PST
have them. for example, one of the things i'm really looking for now is using the viking hunters open letter in response to the maryland politician who requested that the ravens player who supported gay marriage and gay people be quiet. there's a letter that a marin politician send to a ravens guy, linebacker, huge guy, saying please muzzle your player. it was written on his stationary, his official stationary. so what happened tt punter for the vikings wrote a scathing, horribly scathing like only a fipbl-year-old super smart kid could be so scathing, wrote an open letter that was bordering on really not appropriate, about this and about constitutional rights and not only about supporting people and giving them dignity for whoever they were, but also about freedom of expression. now, you want to get boys to talk about equality in a classroom? you start from a letter that a vikings punter sent. that's where we also get into u.s. history and this is where we get into core rur can urriculum. this is about freedom of speech, it makes it relevant, it goes right into something that k
Dec 17, 2012 12:00pm CST
. i love this game. i am very passionate. right now it is affecting me way too much. the vikings looking to take advantage of the bears' loss. they're tied with the rams in the second, when adrian peterson breaks off an 82- yard run for a touchdown. he rushed for a season- high 212 yards, and is now 294 shy of the single- season record. the vikings win 36-22, and overtake the bears for the sixth and final playoff spot. the bears and vkings are both eight- and six but the tie- breaker puts the bears in seventh place and out of the playoffs. the bears still have a chance if they can win their final two games against the cardinals and lions. the vikings, meanwhile, play the texans and packers. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. >>winning pick 3 9,3,8 time fo rtheor the pick 4 games. winning pick 4 numbers 0,3,4,2 megamillions 12 million dollars. have a great afternoon. -having her was amazing. -we made a miracle. and we got onesies. sometimes miracles get messy. so we use tide free. no perfumes or dyes for her delicate skin. brad. not it. not it.
Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm PST
] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, vikings beat the green bay packers today... ...that met if the 49ers could close out arizona...they would not on win the nfc west but also g first round bye.... jim harbaugh a >>> the minnesota viekkings beat the packers today. jim is looking for the division. cardinals jump out to 6 out. mike trade a 49-yard. 9ers took the lead. 2 76 yards. it was 17-6. san francisco, no. 51 for his career, an all time king. 9ers win 27-13. >> it's a 24 to 7 lead. raiders brought them back. it was less that 2 minutes left. the raiders are down 24-2 1. no time outs left. san diego recovers and they win. 4-12. back to 49ers. playoff tickets go on sale via ticket master tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.. >> now they have the weekend off. they already have a scheduled playoff game. they are going to be hosting the wild card winner out of the nfc, saturday january 12 at 5:00 p.m.. with two weeks off, that's something the 4ers9ers badly needed. ,, >> have a good night. ,,,,
Dec 24, 2012 11:00pm PST
- which they should do - and hope for the vikings to beat of stories... green bay reorganize, re-fit and regroup.three "r's" seriously that press conference was tough to listen to - one radio host compared it a root canal - truth is when harbaugh doesn't want to give you anything - he doesn't. on to some injury news - vernon davis 90 consecutive start streak is in jeopardy after a sustaining a the raiders quarterback suffered multiple cracked ribs and a bruised lung on this hit in the raiders loss what you think? >> we are not ready to make that decision our plan is to work both of them this week. we will see how prius goes. >> colts head coach chuck pagano returned to the team today after missing the last three months battling leukemia it is clearly he wasit's not often you see the media give a head coach get a standing ovation at his monday press conference.but in the case it was the only reaction to have pagano took an indefinite leave on october 1st after learning he had leukemia after undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments his cancer is in remission.and his colts are i
Dec 29, 2012 9:30pm CST
for the bears and their fans. if they win the game, there will have to hope the packers keep the vikings. walters has played in all 15 games on special teams. the now he starts at safety. >> i think it helps take the pressure wave. those guys may plays. i think they help relieve the pressure. >> the texas longhorns mascots. 36 yards deep in the corner of the end zone. 67 yards. he had two touchdowns. the air force band 2 and up -- the air force band tunes up. holiday furlough time with the wolves game. paul byron nelson home. -- nails it home. you guys route for the bears. >> it will happen. >> i like the bears. i'm not so sure of the game. >> we will be watching. that will do it for us on this saturday night. >> thank you for watching. we will see you back here tomorrow night.
Dec 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
to the ravens in baltimore. the vikings would have to lose to houston. it looks like the matchup with the dallas cowboys would be for the -- cousins is up for rookie of the week. he was really impressive. >> i was definitely confidence in him. our team is really showing what the team is all about, from top to bottom. the guys are really playing for each other. >> lorenzo looks just like santa. the redskins hold the advantage. remember one thing, that have to beat the eagles, and the players know it. -- they have to beat the eagles. >> it will be a dogfight. philadelphia is always a tough place to play. >> work sanchez lost his starting job to greg mcilroy. -- mark sanchez. he has a new contract of $8.20 million, which guarantees he will be on the roster next year. it is a mess in new york with the jets. let's go to baseball, and the national start to think about spring training. they still have not signed adam laroche. the orioles are showing interest in the first baseman and that would give him a three-year contract. the orioles would have to compensate washington with the first round draft pic
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
to the ravens in baltimore the vikings would have to move to houston, and the bears would have to lose to arizona. first and foremost, the redskins have to take care of business and the philadelphia. >> you know they are definitely going to step up and try to win. we have to come out fast. we have to come out in the physical like we have been the last five weekends and sustain it for 60 minutes of the game. >> let's go to oakland. take a look at the pigeon on the field. it was acting like an extra defender. these guys are focused, they did not even look at it, almost dep donnan. no. 65 actually tried to kick it out of the way. the chiefs played a goose egg the loss to the raiders 15-0 before they finally got the pitch and off the field. it looks like the orioles are going to pass on trying to sign first baseman adam laroche. he just turned 38 -- just turned 33 and once a three-year deal. we will keep you posted. >> 22 guys on the field, and nobody could hit him. >> go to to sign up to when one of the hottest yes. we will be right back >> a big crowd of day on friday.
Dec 31, 2012 6:00pm EST
$2,000. the only way there can be a second playoffs came its the redskins meet up with the vikings. we're live in landover. >> a fallen firefighters laid to rest today. we will show you more of the service of the volunteer killed during an ambush in new york. >> how to duck hunters ended up getting trapped on an island in montgomery county. >> if you love history, you'll not want to miss the chance >> a volunteer firefighter killed was laid to rest today. he was shot at the scene of the house fire. today's funeral in rochester was attended by hundreds of family members, friends, and colleagues. a second firefighter was b >> two people had to be rescued this morning in montgomery county after getting trapped on an island wild duck hunting. they were out on the water shortly after they reached the island, their boat drifted away. they had their cell phones and called for help. firefighters eventually reached them. the emancipation proclamation is on display in washington tonight. why time is running out if you want to take a look. >> we will check back in with steve and gets a look a
Dec 17, 2012 4:00am PST
in the nfc with the giants and redskins. >>> and he is off. the vikings' adrian peterson goes up the middle for an 82-yard touchdown against the rams. the rams' danny amendola catches a pass and spikes the ball and look out. freak accident. this guy actually has to be taken off the field. vikings silence the rams, 36-22. >>> more news coming up in two minutes on this monday morning. this is the "cbs morning news." this is the "cbs morning news." [ elizabeth ] i like to drink orange juice but the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down, and you can't grow your enamel back. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel, because it helps to strengthen the enamel. and i believe it's doing a good job. president obama demands actn on gun legislation. what he says need to be done to protect r children. plus: as the nation heads bk to school. how local parents and school counselo plan to deal with the trage. and it's about to get chill cold and wet weather sweeps across the bay area. when wl we get a break? join us for cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning... be
Dec 23, 2012 8:00pm PST
86 yards in the vikings 23-6 win over the texans that means he will need a monster day -208 yards to be exact - in next sunday's finale against green bay to break eric dickerson's single season rushing record of 2,105 yards a vikings win in that game and they would also clinch a playoff spot pete carroll cosmonautgoes nuts however, take a look with the fumble and this player was off the field with a kneecap injury. 8 for great catc baldwin, a single but a bit of a disappointment kaepernick where it had a bit of a difficult day they are no one half-game of on the seattle. arizona, san francisco has the chance to clinch the division. when one game left, the green bay packers are leapfrogging the 49ers. for the no. 2 playoff spot. the packers speaking at their right time and board to take a look easy today against a pretty bad titans team. they would get the first round after the packers, the niners are battling for that spot. >> another of the raiders lost today in carolina. newton, for the touchdown, carolina and this is going to make you wince. however, polymer would be hit in the
Dec 31, 2012 2:30am EST
the lions, they did their part. but you know what? the vikings had a thriller of a game with the packers. >> and the giants, too. >> i think if we rewound to week five, we were saying bears, giants, two of the best teams in the nfl. neither of them are in the playoffs. >> bears defensively were so good and what happened? >> we're stuck eating wings, right? drowning our sorrows. top seed in the nfc, the falcons. second seed, the 49ers. then we've got to talk about that game between the vikings and the packers. >> green bay and minnesota. what a game. and they'll get to do it all over again next week. let's start what happened in this game. the story was adrian peterson. needs 208 yards to surpass eric dickerson's all-time mark, most rushing yards in a season. and he almost got there on the second to the last play of the game, got a big run. and if he had run it into the end zone, that would have set the record. but still, just a great win for minnesota. and green bay just has a hard time stopping teams. if you're giving up 34 to minnesota, i am not sold on green bay as a super bowl conten
Dec 16, 2012 6:00pm PST
for the nfc division. >> and adrian peterson led the vikings over the st. louis rams, 212 yards rushing and one china. 294 yards shy of the all-time record. he could give it with two games left. >> ama: it would be great if both our teams win today. a return to middle earth just ahead. how "the hobbit" stacks up to >> ama: join me at 9:00 on cable 13. we'll take a look at a massive asteroid three miles wide. at it considered a potential threat but not for several centuries. and it's back to school tomorrow and after friday's shooting it can be scary even for kids in the bay area. tonight the one thing you should tell your kid before they head to school. >>> middle earth is back on top at the box office. >> ama: peter jackson's "the hobbit" took in nearly $85 million in the record-setting opening, stronger than the three previous "lord of the rings" films, and guardians pulled in the family crowd. lincoln crossed the $100 million mark. skyfall is still hanging on. coming in at number four. and "life of pi" wraps up the top five films. that does it for us at 6:00. thank you so much for jo
Dec 23, 2012 5:00pm PST
over the top seed in the afc with a loss to the vikings. tony gearhart rain for a touchdown. minnesota still in the hunt for the final wild card spot in the nfc with the victory. >> niners and seahawks facing off in seattle. a 49er win they can clinch the nfc west title but have to do it without justin smith. bum left elbow, ending a streak of 185 straight starts. >>> the fedex super bowl champion giants trying to stay alive facing the ravens. flacco threw for 309 yards, two t.d.s, also ran one. ravens clinch the everybody action -- afc north. the giants are still alive but need a lot of health. >> cowboys and saints, tony romo, hits miles austin in the end zone. cowboys scored two tds in the final four minutes to send it to overtime. drew brees, also luck here in o.t. colston fumbles to the dallas 2-yard line. saints then kick the game-winner. cowboys can still make the playoffs. saints are out but win in o.t. >> cowboys need to win next week every the red cowboys, washington facing the eagles, rg3 rhode. redskins i can clinch with wayne over dallas next week. >> the nfc has three spo
Dec 23, 2012 6:00pm PST
, opening the door for the broncos to take over the top seed in the afc with a loss to the vikings. former standard cardinal tony gear hart playing. >> 49ers and seahawks underway in seattlement jim harbaugh's 49th birthday, niner win they clinch the afc west but have to do it without justin smith. bum left elbow ending his streak of 185 straight starts. seattle leads 21 or right now in the first half. >> defending super bowl champion giants trying to stay alive for the postseason, facing the ravens. joe flacco making things difficult. threw for 309 yards, two t.d.s, this one to ray rice. ravens clinch the everybody action afc north. >> cowboys playoff chances took hit against the saints. romo to austin. cowboys scored two t.d.s in the final four minutes to send it to overtime. drew brees had 446 yards passing. colston fumbles at the 20-yard to the dallas two yardline. the south carolina recovery and hartley kicks the game-winner. saints are out but they win it in overtime. >> cowboys only needed some help to win next week over the redskins. washington facing the eagles. rg iii two t.d.s i
Dec 30, 2012 5:00pm PST
-winning field goal as the vikings beat the pammeres. -- packers so san francisco gets the fit round by. >> oakland closed out at san diego. with nothing to lose the raiders let terrelle pryor make his first start. crazy weather in southern california. the players were practicing in a hail storm. he weather was fine at kickoff but not so fine. the raiders' special team takes the opening kickoff at the one, races 899 yards for the touchdown. after a slow start, pryor led the raiders on a 12-play, 80-yard drive. then gets his first nfl touchdown pass. trailing by 17 in the fourth. oakland rally ode. pryor keeps himself and dives into the zone. the lead is 24-14. then with under 2:00 to go pryor rolls out and finds moore open in the end zone. but the comeback falls short. the chargers win 24-21:00 oakland ends 4-12. >> in indianapolis, an emotional return for chuck pagano. he has been out since september after being diagnosed with leukemia. this kickoff was taken 102 yards for a touchdown. houston needed a win to clinch but the colts played spoiler. andrew luck put the game away with a p
Dec 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
rushing record. that scamper set up a game-winning field goal as the vikings beat the packers 37-34. so that means the niners get the number two seed and a first-round by. >>> oakland closed out its season at san diego with nothing to lose. the raiders let terrelle pryor make his first nfl start at quarterback. crazy weather in southern california. before the contest the players were practicing in a hail storm. the weather was fine at kickoff, but not so the raiders special teams. michael spurlock gets the ball at the one, takes the opening 99 yards for the touchdown. after a slow start, pryor led the raider0s an 12-play drive. and gets his first nfl touchdown pass. trailing by 17 in the fourth. oakland rallies. pryor keepses it and dives into the end zone. then with under 2:00 to go, pryor rolls out, fines moore open in the end zone. but the comeback falls short as the chargers win 24-21. oakland winds up the season 4-12. >> in indianapolis, colts head coach chuck tag began know back on the sideline. he has been out since late september after being diagnosed with leukemia. put a smile
Dec 25, 2012 11:00pm PST
, vikings tight end kyle rudolph without the red nose. he scored twice against the 49ers early in the ear. >>> and number one -- christmas. he's now playing pro ball for a russian team. number one, deante christmas. we'll be right back. right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tomorrow morning at 4-30. >>> david letterman is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. better be there. merry christmas. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. and now, ready for the big leagues, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme )
Dec 30, 2012 5:30pm PST
of their own by aaron. time ran out the vikings get the winning field goal from the time expires to win 37-34. >>> all right, here is the nfl play off picture. the 49erss will be the number 2 seed. they will get a first round bye with atlanta one wild card game is set. green bay will host minnesota. they just saw each other today and then again. the other match up is determined by what happens in the night game going on between washington and dallas. the winner wins the nfc east and will host seattle. >>> now, the last time prior started a football game it was the sugar bowl. running ohio state. nearly two years ago before he became al davis's last draft pick. prior, in his second year, getting the first start against san diego. chargers up 10-0 and then prior, first career touchdown pass to hayward. a 9 yard score. prior, 13 of 20, a couple of touchdowns. 3rd quarter, rivers answers. alexander on the receiving end of that 34 play to make it 24- 7. prior on the naked bootleg gets in. it is a 10-point game. 24-14. after a blocked punt. it is prior hitting moore. now, the raiders are within
Dec 9, 2012 9:00pm PST
cover and more than 300 car crashes reported statewide. all of that did not keep these vikings fans away from game day. chicago fans braved the harsh winter weather and made the n.f.l. road trip to minnesota. >> we know how to take this. >> the problem now, how to get back home. not so in wisconsin where up to ten inches of snow is expected in some areas and snowplows are battling to keep streets clear. >> we have salt down and salt brine and turn on the salt spreaders. >> keeping the snow at bay and staying warm will be a challenge across the midwest like here neer north dakota. look at these videos showing the storm front moving over the hawkeye state. in oklahoma this family is getting ready for the winter buying coats to keep warm. bradley shaw and his family stopped at a hardware store to pick up a blanket for their dog. brad likes the cold weather. >> i really do. >> new details tonight in a daring rescue in afghanistan. how constitutional forces pulled a doctor free after he was abducted by armed militants. also a new study smoking a cigarette while drinking can intention my a han
Dec 30, 2012 9:00pm PST
field goal as the vikings beatat the packers. niners get the number one seed in the first round bye. >> cowboys and redskins, robert griffin takes matters in his own hands. he scores and put washington on top. another redskins running back moore has had a huge game, rumbling for 200 yards and three touchdowns along waited he set a franchise single season rushing record. tony romo is picked off by jackson. romo threw three interceptions. skins take advantage of it and morse gets it, 28-18 is final. >>> oakland closed out its season at san diego with nothing to lose. raiders went to pryor that made his first started as quarterback. down south before the contest they were practicing in a hailstorm. the weather was fine at kickoff but not the raiders special teams. he takes the ball, breaks into the clear and takes the opening kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown. it was 10-0 chargers after one. he throws a fake, hayward for his first n.f.l. touchdown pass. oakland rallied and pryor keeps it himself and dives into the end zone. that cut the lead to 24-14. with two minutes to go, he can't fi
Dec 10, 2012 2:00am PST
-28. >>> in minneapolis the vikings had a touchdown and 154 yards rushing. it was a 21-14 win over chicago. >>> and check this out, louisville basketball coach rick pitino found out how hard it was from answering a cell phone, especially someone else's cell phone, during a post-game news conference. take a look. >> hold on one second. hello. i'm doing great. how about yourself? i'm just doing a press conference. where would you like to meet for a drink? >> the phone belonged to a sportscaster who was recording the event until it was interrupted by that ringing phone. well done, sir. >>> and now for another look at the weather here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with a weather channel forecast. bill. >>> veronica, this storm is heading towards the east coast but not with the snow and ice. it's going to be a warm, windy, spring like day. look at the temperatures to start the morning, in the 40s and 50s. not worried about any icy roads. northern new hampshire to maine is the only spots you'll have to deal with a little bit of the winter ri precip. everyone else is pretty warm. on and off rain all of new en
Dec 13, 2012 9:00am PST
're descendents from vikings, hearty people. i guess they have some of that dna still in them. >> how do you not end up with hypothermia. >> he gets out of the water, picks his bathing suit wedgy, walks back to his snow gloo. >> back to sleep. >> snuggles back up into the snow drift. >> i hope there's a hot tub waiting inside for this guy to jump into after that. ♪ >>> justin bieber recently in fairfax, virginia, giving a concert as part of the jingle ball concert for 2012. he was about it to start singing one of his top songs "be all right." >> backup. you guys, chill out. move to the side. >> he's actually talking to the photographers that are taking photos of him. >> you guys just move to the side. no? [ inaudible ]. >> then it looks like he gets mad at the photographers there to photograph his concert, give him some publicity. he starts getting annoyed. >> i can't concentrate singing a slow start when i have a bunch of people -- >> this kid is young, a, and he has had to deal with paparazzi for several years. >> those aren't necessarily paparazzi because they're at a concert. these cou
Dec 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
a couple blocks from the explosion in the college park high school parking lot that's on viking drive in the suv police found another explosive device that had not been set off. meanwhile today's pipe bomb incident that we were telling you about just a couple miles south but also in pleasant hill. here's that location. pleasant hill elementary. again this bomb did not go off. police are not sure if the two pleasant hill pipe bomb incidents are related. >> the woman convicted of stalking then murdering a bay area nursing student is on her way to state prison. giselle was sentenced today for the murder of michelle lay killed back in may of 2011 her body was found four months later near the border. family members finally got their chance to speak to the woman who murdered their loved one. >> we're glad some form of justice has been served. >> for her after being found guilty in oakland of first degree murder of michelle lay whom the da proved to the jury was killed by esteban who saw her as a romantic rival. the murder in the parking lot of the nursing school program. >> michelle was a b
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
.... gave her classmates... a... huge thrill../ . brought... vikings she - puarrerback... chriitian ponder... for... "show anddtell.".../// she... won... verizon wireless'... show... aad... - got a visit... from ponder... as her rize...//.he... talked... to er.... class... about the importance... of... staying in school, ...// getting... good grades,...// eating healthy... and... being yourself. "looking back to the 7th grade, i thought it was ss important ttat i would fit in, buttwho cares? hat someone plse hinks about you will not determine how your life goes." goes.""t the end ...of a ..."question and answer" session... with thh students..../ ponder... signed autographs for the kids.. colder weather returned today... 3 lets check in with chief porecast. a 5-year-old girl in southeast baltimore is collecting toys for children who lost theirs in superstorm sandy. . . sadira mmrjafary.. who's now being called sadie donntion drive about two weeks agg afterrshe saw a storyy behind by sandy. she told her mother le
Dec 10, 2012 4:30am EST
. the redskins beat baltimore on the overtime field goal, 31-28. in minneapolis, the vikings' adrian peterson had a touchdown and 154 yards rushing as he gets closer to 2,000 yards for the season in a 21-14 win over chicago. >>> and louisville basketball coach rick pitino found out how hard it is to resist answering a cell phone, especially someone else's during a post-game news conference. [ ringing ] >> hold on one second. [ laughter ] >> hello? i'm doing great. how about yourself? [ laughter ] >> i'm just doing a press conference. [ laughter ] >> where would you like to meet for a drink? >> beautiful. that phone belonged to a sportscaster who was recording the event until obviously it was interrupted by the ringing phone. well handled. >>> the iconic piano used in the "cass branka" is for sale. would you buy it? and what were the most searched movies of 2012? >>> lawmakers roll up their sleeves to help some of hurricane sandy's hardest hit victims. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back to "early today." hope you had a wonderful weekend. the big storm that was in the midwest is headin
Dec 6, 2012 4:30am EST
vikings punter chris clue also awarded with the honor. he's been very outspoken in his support of equal rights for same sex couples. >>> seven weeks after suffering a torn tricep back on the practice field. lewis won't take the field sunday against rg3 and the redskins. we won't expect to see him play though until december 16th. that's when peyton manning and the broncos comes calling. terrell suggs is going to be a game-time decision. >>> police are trying to figure out exactly how a police officer's service weapon was fired inside an emergency room at st. joe's in towson. investigators say a baltimore county police officer was guarding a prisoner in the emergency room yesterday afternoon. a member of the hospital staff noticed the prisoner had a needle hidden in his clothing. well, there was a struggle and the prisoner tried to grab the hospital employee. when the officer tried to help, the prisoner went for the officer's gun. >> the prisoner attempted to take her weapon. there was a struggle over the gun. and at some point, the weapon discharged firing a shot into the wall. >> other
Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm EST
. and the late game is a rematch between the vikings and the packers. this one is green bay. the the ravens will play the indianapolis colts at 1:00 on sunday. and the redskins are hosting seattle at 4:30. we started out with a beautiful sunrise this morning, but the clouds are slowly creeping into the metro region. let's check in with jacqui jeras for the forecast. >> if you missed the sunrise, we caught it on our time lapse and will show it to you shortly. right now, the clouds have arrived. it still seems kind of bright, 38 degrees being the temperature in washington, d.c. our satellite picture shows the clouds will continue moving in. we could see a few sprinkles or snow flurries this evening. the main event really happens tomorrow. this is a weak system bringing snow across the central plains and mississippi river valley today. things are looking good up and down the eastern seaboard. today, partly sunny skies 45 x 3:00 claudia 6:00 and 39 degrees at the midnight hour. we will have more details on the timing of that system, in a little while. first, back to the news desk with scott. >>
Dec 10, 2012 4:00am EST
. minneapolis got a report ten inches. that didn't stop the party for the bears-vikings game. some fans drove into the storm all the way from chicago. too bad their team lost. >> day look like they had fun, though. >>> time now for the weather from across the nation. snow in the northern rockies. rain and snow in norng new england. heavy rain around boston, new york, philly, and d.c. thunderstorms from cincinnati to the gulf coast. >> 60s from new orleans to the northeast. 12 in the twin cities. mostly 40s in the rockies. >>> coming up, we'll hear from the deejays who posed as british royals and are being blamed for the suicide of a surs. >>> falling gas prices. >>> josh brent of the cowboys, out of jail and struggling with the death of teammate and a friend. >>> there could be a christmas gift for you at the gas pump. lower prices. the average price may be close to $3 a gallon for the and "the twilight saga, breaks dawn part 2" was third. >> sadly, i have seen all of them. >> i've seen none. >>> when we come back, the australian deejays saying sorry for the royal prank that went so terribly
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